About the Neuroclinic

It all started when the father of Dr. Gintarė Vaitkienė fell ill with a cerebral stroke. He received the highest level of first-aid care and treatment at the department of nervous diseases of university clinics, but later, a whole range of issues had to be addressed. Most importantly, efforts were focused on helping her father return to an active life. Dr. Gintarė Vaitkienė, who has been working as a rehabilitation specialist for 25 years with patients suffering from nervous diseases, understood that a comprehensive approach was needed to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, in Lithuania, she could not find a specialised clinic that could provide well-rounded aid. This prompted the decision to establish a specialised medical institution for patient with neurological disorders. Neuroclinic “Empatija” brought together specialists who created 5 unique neurological programs:


Dr. Gintarė Vaitkienė, founder of the clinic

What is our method?

Our treatment method was born by combining two fundamental medical approaches: integral medicine and personalised medicine. These methods are complemented by a special approach of medical specialists towards the patient, characterised by understanding and empathy. Nervous system diseases such as back or head pain, dizziness, sleep disorders, cerebral stroke, and chronic fatigue are complex conditions. Their treatment requires integral measures ranging from comprehensive diagnostics and modern treatment methods to adapting the workplace or home environment and lifestyle changes.


The method of Neuroclinic “Empatija” is a unique formula for quality of life:

(Integral Medicine + Personalised Medicine) x Empathy = Quality of Life

Integral medicine

Integral medicine combines Western breakthroughs and latest treatment methods with traditional Eastern healing practices.


Personalised medicine

  Personalised medicine involves a global systemic approach to human biology. As medicine progresses, it is increasingly forgotten that each individual is different, and the patient becomes merely a set of unrelated functions and organs, for which the same tools are universally applied.


  Empathy is the ability to empathise with another’s situation, emotional state, directly understand their feelings, the basis of altruism.

What makes us special?

Neuroclinic “Empatija”:


1. The only specialised neuroclinic in Lithuania where your problems related to nervous system disorders are comprehensively addressed in one place: back pain, headaches, nervous tension, consequences of stroke, and other brain diseases.


2. Unique programs address your problems in the clinic, at your home, or at your workplace.


3. It is a place where medical specialists select all available resources for solving your problem: diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, medical supplies, lifestyle medicine.


4. You will find what patients seek the most. It is empathy and understanding, it is an empathetic approach. Our doctors are the best specialists in their fields, trained according to the international emotional competence program AIDET (www.studergroup.com/aidet).


5. Our aim is not only to add years to life but also to add life to years.

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