About our Neuroclinic?

Everything started when doctors Gintare’s father suffered a stroke. At Universitys clinics he received the highest level first aid and treatment. However, later he had to face many problems. Most importantly, it was very important to help father return to active life. Doctor Gintare has been working as a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor with neurological patients for over 25 years that is why doctor understood, a complex decision is needed to achieve this aim. Unfortunately, there was no specialized clinic in Lithuania, that would be able to give comprehensive help. This encouraged a decision to establish a medical institution for patients with neurological disorders. “Empatija Neuroklinika” specialists have created 5 unique neurological programs:



FMR gydytoja Gintarė Vaitkienė, klinikos įkūrėja

What is our method?

Our treatment method was created by connecting two fundamental methods of medicine: integrated medicine and personalized medicine. These methods are completed by special medical specialists approach to patient, understanding and empathy. Neurological diseases like back pain or headache, dizziness, sleep disorders, stroke, chronic fatigue are complex conditions. Treatment of these conditions should be with integrated measures from serious diagnostics, modern treatment methods to workplace or even home environment rearrangement and lifestyle changes.


“Empatija Neuroklinika” method – a unique life quality formula:
(Integrated Medicine + Personalized medicine) x Empathy = Life quality

Integral medicine

  Integral medicine connects the wins of the West, most modern treating methods with traditional treatment options from the East.


Personalized medicine

  Personalized medicine – a global systemic attitude towards human biology.



  Empathy is an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Why we are special?

“Empatija Neuroklinika”:


1. The only specialized neuroclinic in Lithuania, where Your nervous system problems such as back pain, headache, nervous tension, body exhaustion, consequences after stroke and other brain conditions are being solved in a complex.


2. 2. Unique program of neuroclinic solves Your problems at clinic, Your home, Your workplace.


3. It is a place where medical staff determines all the needed measures to solve Your problem: diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, medical equipment, lifestyle medicine.


4. You will find what most patients looks for. It is sensibility, understanding, empathetic attitude. Our medical staff are the highest level specialists, prepared with international emotional competence program AIDET (www.studergroup.com/aidet).


5. Our aim is to add not only years to life, but also life to years.

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