“Everything comes and goes, unfortunately old age came and forgot to leave. When you work overtime, you’re boring to everyone, but… I found what I couldn’t find anywhere else at your clinic. It turns out that tremors and creaking joints are treated here. And most importantly, your sincere communication heals everything. Sincere thanks.“ (S.)


“Warm environment and professional staff. Thanks to massage specialist Inga for excellent Kobido face massages, physiotherapist Džiugas for the exercise program, and Martynas for the strong classical massage. Also, thanks to rehabilitation specialist Gintarė for the excellently tailored program.” (G.)


“Thank you to the staff! Very pleasant service. Good health to you and us” (R. and V. L.)


“I came with feelings of dizziness, anxiety. I was very kindly received and when I selected massages from the very professional massage therapist Inga, I not only regained my health, as the dizziness stopped, but each time I received knowledge about what is being done and why. Thank you very very much to all of you, and especially to Ms. Inga.” (D. L.)


“A very interesting and good feeling after a hot stone massage. It seems like the body is calmer, freer, warm inside, and the mind is clear, calm, and good.”


“Sincerely thanks to Dr. Gintarė, massage therapist Inga, physiotherapists Asta and Jolanta for professionalism and sincerity. You are an oasis of refreshment and tranquillity in the rushing waters of life.” (N. M.)


“Very pleasant service. I’m glad and recommend it to everyone.” (L.S)


“Good specialists! Very friendly atmosphere, competent specialists!” (I. B.)


“A very attentive doctor, a specialist in her field, I recommend her 100%!!! Thank you for the treatment services 🙂 And good luck in your work!” (M.D.)


“Thank you to the specialists for their prompt work and for allowing my mom to live a full life forgetting all the back pain! I highly recommend the clinic and the specialists working there.” (K. K.)


“I highly recommend this clinic to people dealing with back problems/pain. The professional therapeutic exercises and massages have been very helpful in improving the condition of my back due to a spinal hernia. I’m really glad that I finally found a great and professional clinic, with very pleasant and helpful staff. Wishing you the greatest success and a big THANK YOU!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤”


“I highly recommend the massage office service – time is effectively saved, no need to stand in traffic jams to get to a massage 🙂 A very excellent massage specialist, always in a good mood and works very professionally!” (I. S.)